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Al Farwaniya student; Bilal Ra’afat from Al-Mubarakia SSB has come first in The scrabble competition 2015 - 2016

Al Farwaniya student; Fayza Ali Yaseen from Thee Qar PSG has come first in The Spelling Bee competition 2015 - 2016


Crunch Time

When it comes to the crunch, all the members of the board are totally devoted to manage it.

Team meetings are constantly held to do different tasks.

This is what actually happens behind the scene.

Vision of ELT General Supervision   

            It is the aspiration of ELT General Supervision to create learners with diverse, positive and constructive attitudes towards themselves and their society. To achieve such target, learners should be equipped with a sense of creativity in both their studies and future careers. Such goals could only be achieved through developing learners’ abilities to take care of themselves, to be able to communicate with others appropriately and take the right decisions whenever necessary.

Mission of ELT General Supervision:

        ELT General Supervision is the channel that bonds the administrative and the technical bodies together, and provides both with the most accurate data and information, either positive or negative, in the course of pursuing, watching and supervising over the functions in the field directly, as well as measuring, assessing and evaluating. Our mission is addressed to learners, personnel (teachers, supervisors and administrative personnel), curriculum, methods, activities, assessment and evaluation appropriately and take the right decisions whenever necessary.

We would like to congratulate Mohammed Bin Sireen P.S For Boys & Al-Omareya P.S. For Girls for coming first in the Spelling Bee Contest. A way to go!

When it comes to the crunch,

we are there.